Christmas month

Christmas brings together family and friends, and traditions around the world are universal and unique at the same time.

In Australia, Christmas is often spent around a barbeque with family, a day at the beach, and enjoying the sunshine and outdoors.  In Finland, the traditional Christmas dinner is eaten Christmas Eve.  In America, turkey, goose, duck or ham served with cranberry is a common dinner spread.  In France, children hope Père Noël will bring them gifts.  In Germany, Nikolaustag, St Claus day is celebrated on December 6.  In Jamaica, Jonkanoo (John Canoe) is the traditional Christmas celebration, a colourful parade with masquerade costumes celebrated throughout the streets.  In Greece, children sing carols, or kalanda. In Italy, the festive season is celebrated for three weeks, starting 8 days before Christmas.

This month, borrowing a few ideas from traditional Christmas desserts, cookies and breads, share the joy of Christmas with 12 days of holiday inspired macarons, discovering new tastes and flavours from around the world.