Tropical fruit month summary

Pineapple, mango, passion fruit, pawpaw and payapa, coconut, banana, lychees.

This month on Mélanger, it was 100% tropical fruits.

Here in Queensland, we are blessed with a climate that produces fresh, sweet fruit.  Many native fruits and fruits from around the world are grown effortlessly in this tropical state.

Tropical fruit is at the heart of growing up in this part of Australia.  Mango trees at your school.  Banana trees in your own backyard.  Pawpaw that you can pick from your own back deck.  Passion fruit on a vine intertwined between neighbouring properties.  Summer is incomplete without them.

Here is a round up of the recipes from this month.  What tropical fruit dessert favourite would you add to this list?

banana crepes small Caramelised banana crêpes with roasted macadamia and caramel sauce :: Simple caramelised  banana paired with macadamia and caramel is simple to prepare and a delight to savour. { More … }

Pawpaw and lime sorbet small

Pawpaw & lime sorbet with coconut tuiles :: A thirst-quenching homemade sorbet teamed with crispy, coconut tuiles.  The combination is more than a wink to summer.  { More … }

Pavlova roll small

Pavlova roll with mango and passion fruit :: In this quintessential summer dessert, the succulent, buttery flesh of the mango is cloaked by a soft pavlova roll, and finished with cream and passion fruit. { More … }

coconut ice cream single smallLychees in mint syrup with coconut milk ice cream :: Mint syrup soaked lychees, served with coconut milk ice-cream. Using a blend of cream and coconut milk as the base for the ice-cream, the overall flavour is not exaggeratedly sweet, perfect for the sugar rich lychees.  { More … }

panna cotta smallVanilla panna cotta with pineapple champagne granita :: The creamy texture of the panna cotta is a perfect complement to the cold, icy granita.  And extraordinarily simple.  Perfect for those slow, hot days.  { More … }

banana pudding ice cream smallBanana pudding ice cream :: A creamy and rich ice cream base injected with custard powder and cinnamon, along with a healthy dose of tropical bananas, produces a refreshing dessert reminiscent of banana pudding.  A winter pudding, with a summer twist. { More … }

Thank you to my father working tirelessly in his much-loved garden who gave me so many memories.