Simple cakes_blog

Sometimes, the reward of baking, is purely the baking, plain and simple.  The act of creating something made by hand.  The special thought, and the effort of mixing sugar, butter, flour and eggs to share with friends or family.  And the pleasure of the fragrant smell of fresh baked goods in your kitchen!

My recent hectic schedule reminded me of the fundamental joy of baking – and how rewarding something so simple can be.

I would be hard pressed to identify one simple cake I would make in a pinch, so this month, my challenge is to build a repertoire of simple and quick cakes.

To be classified as quick and simple, the recipe needs to:

  1. Only take ideally 5 minutes, and no more than 15 minutes, to put together
  2. Only need one bowl to prepare, excluding ingredient organisation
  3. Only take 60 minutes to bake (75 minutes maximum)

I already have a number of recipes that I am eager to try.  Some from my favourite baking books, and some I have recently seen on my favourite blogs.  What is your favourite, quick and simple cake recipe?

At the end of the month, no matter how time poor I am again in the future, I hope to have a handful of baking solutions that will adapt around my life.