Citrusy. Fruity. Spicy. Zesty. Peppery. Creamy. An entire spectrum of flavours was packed into a just handful of simple and quick cakes this month. Proof that quick and simple does not have to mean boring.

I have reconnected with the fundamental joy of baking this month. Creating something by hand. Something very simple, but enormously satisfying. (And enjoying an ever fragrant kitchen in the process!)

Here is a round up of my recipes this month. I certainly now have started to build a repertoire of simple and quick cakes.

Lemon and sugar bundt cake small{ Lemon and sugar bundt cake } For me, the lemon and sugar bundt cake was hands down my favourite. Simple ingredients packed with flavour. If you are partial to a zesty, syrupy cake, you will not be disappointed with this one bowl wonder.  { Get recipe … }

Moist date loaf small{ Moist date loaf } The recipe was as traditional as date loaf can be. Delicious with a huge slab of butter and washed down with a cup of tea. The crumb is lighter than the more traditional cake, and as a result, the date almost has a marbling effect.  { Get recipe … }

Swedish visiting cake small{ Swedish visiting cake } It does not get any easier than this cake. It was quick and easy, and the hidden gem was the taste. The cake is light and airy, and with additional texture provided by the roasted flaked almonds, you are offered great crunch to each mouthful.  { Get recipe … }

zucchini and marmalade loaf small{ Zucchini and Orange Marmalade Tea Cake } The cake is very moist thanks to the zucchini. The small addition of cinnamon draws out a warm spicy flavour that combines well with the sweet and bitter orange marmalade.  { Get recipe … }

Fresh ginger cake small{ Fresh ginger cake } This is the perfect cake to lure along some cooler days. The cake has a rich, spicy flavour from not only the large injection of fresh ginger, but the addition of rich spices such as cinnamon, cloves and black pepper.  { Get recipe … }

Chocolate chestnut cake small{ Chocolate chestnut cake } This cake is dense and rich, but not too sweet. More appropriately a dessert cake rather than afternoon tea cake. But in saying that, it certainly it is quick to prepare and bake.  { Get recipe … }

I also have scores of new ideas to test out in the future. Many of you have your own favourite go-to recipe. For my upcoming baking trials, I now have 25 suggestions.

Pound cake, Caraway Seed cake, Banana loaf, Friands, Chocolate and Orange Storecupboard cake, Wacky cake, Lemon bundt, Chocolate layer cake with chocolate buttercream, Chocolate chip banana bread, Black Magic Cake, Chocolate Applesauce cake, Cinnamon coffee cake, Devil’s food cake, Coffee cakes, Butter cake, Lemon glazed butter cake, Zucchini and Orange Marmalade Tea Cake, Banana Date Tea Cake, Orange cake, Hazelnut cake, Yoghurt cake, Chocolate buttercake, chocolate bourbon bundt cake, Norwegian Pear cake.

Thank you, everyone. Looks like there is definitely room for a few more ‘Simple Cakes’ month in the future!