Braids, scrolls, tarts, slices, buns. You choose.  Take one recipe of basic sweet bread dough and make your own creation.  Spicy, fruity, or plain, but always sweet, soft and rich.

I was hoping to showcase 6 different variations from my 1 basic sweet dough recipe for Sweet Dough month.

There were in fact 6 different treats produced in the Mélanger kitchen.  The item not published was a cinnamon-y Finnish treat that just did not make it to ‘photography stage’.  No prizes for guessing why! Time was against me this month to reproduce it, so I will wait for for another Finnish inspired baking month to create it again.  I only started to scratch the surface of Finnish baking last May.

Here is a round up of the recipes I created from 1 single sweet bread dough.  I find bread dough is very versatile, as I hoped to demonstrate this month.  If you want even more doughy inspiration for your own bread, I have also included a selection of some of my other favourite sweet bread treats!

this month

Hot cross braid small{ Hot cross braid } There is no bun, there is no cross, but this braid has all the requisite flavours of Easter.  Those heady flavours of cinnamon and allspice, combined with the citrusy and sweet overtones of the fruit and peel that make hot cross buns such a firm favourite this time of year.  { Read more here … }

Chocolate pecan maple scrolls small{ Chocolate pecan & maple scrolls } Soft, rich and sweet bread is layered with chocolate, pecans and drizzled with maple syrup.  Straight out of the oven it is hard to resist not pulling them apart and enjoying straight away.  Fill with your own flavour combination to personalise your own scrolls.  { Read more here … }

Pear and ginger tarts small{ Pear & ginger crème fraîche tarts } A simple dough.  Some homemade crème fraîche.  And a few slices of spiced pears.  Easy.  In a few short steps you have a sweet little fruit tart, and a nice twist on the usual pastry versions.  { Read more here … }

Mini doughnuts with dulce de leche small{ Mini doughnuts with homemade dulce de leche } Mini balls of fried yeasty goodness.  The distinct aroma of the cinnamon sugar on the warm doughnut.  The unbeatable taste of that just cooked doughnut.  These fluffy yeast style doughnuts are a lovely reminder of old fashioned doughnut shop confections.  { Read more here … }

Raspberry and lemon frangipane slice small{ Raspberry lemon frangipane slice } The sweet bread dough base is much lighter than its tart dough or biscuit base counterparts, making it a more delicate sweet indulgence.  The flavours of raspberry and lemon are a classic.  The subtle almond flavoured frangipane helps retains a level of richness and moistness.  The arrangement altogether, is one very easy to eat treat.   { Read more here … }

Related recipes

brioche small{ Gingerbread Brioche }  Brioche is a specialty of the Normandy region of France.  This gingerbread brioche is simply perfect with salted butter, or extra special served as French toast. Spicy, light, buttery, rich and soft all wrapped up together.   { Read more here … }

Blueberry buns small{ Mustikkapiiraat :: Blueberry filled buns } These buns are a snap to make and smell wonderful coming out of the oven.  You may clap your hands in delight (as I did) when seeing the gooey berry drizzle running down the side of a bun or two.  It will be hard to wait for them to cool slightly so you can devour them.  { Read more here … }

baba small{ Baba au rhum } This dessert, introduced into France by way of Alsace-Lorraine, traditionally shaped like a Champagne cork, is a rich, yeast bread, baked in a cylindrical mould.  It is liberally (emphasis on liberally) soaked in a sweet rum syrup.  { Read more here … }

brioche{ Brioche Tart with Caramelised Fruits } A rich egg bread is filled with creamy custard, topped with a tangy sabayon sauce, and served with caramel poached fruits.  Watch for the volcanic-like reaction during the sauce process when adding the wine to the caramel.  A great sweet weekend breakfast alternative to the typical pancake or waffle options. { Read more here … }

pulla small{ Pulla :: Finnish cardamom bread } Pulla was the first item I baked for my (now) husband.  After much searching for the perfect recipe, I took the plunge with my Beatrice Ojakangas baking bible.  When I was told the bread tasted, “just like my mummo used to make”, I knew I had chosen well.   { Read more here … }

fruit buns small{ Fruit buns } My very first baking competition.  With much practise, I was overjoyed that one of my entries into the Royal Queensland Show (Ekka) Cooking Competition, won a place.  I could not believe it.  I felt like a five year old child excited when I saw my ribbon and certificate.  { Read more here … }