64 entries from across the globe.  Thank you everyone for submitting your mouth-watering treats this month for the April 2010 Edition of DMBLGIT.

A big thank you to the judges for their time.  To Dominque, El, Giao and Mowie.  If you did not see my Meet the Judges post, please take a look at their inspirational blogs.

Thank you also to Andrew from Spittoon and Spittoon Extra for providing me the opportunity to host DMBLGIT this month.  I truly enjoyed the experience.

And mostly, thank you to everyone who participated.

This month there is a host’s award.  The winner scored well from most of the judges, but just missed out on the overall and category awards.  I found the image appealing and wanted to acknowledge it this month.

Big congratulations to all the winners.

Overall Winners :: These overall winning photographs achieved the highest scores from all three categories (edibility, originality, and aesthetics).

DMBLGIT winners_1st

Saffron Brioche by Meeta of What’s For Lunch, Honey?, Germany with Nikon D70

{ Beautiful lighting, simple execution, very edible }

DMBLGIT winners_2nd

Coconut ice cream by Patricia of Technicolor Kitchen, Brazil with Nikon D40

{ Mouth-watering, nice composition }

DMBLGIT winners_3rd

Sopa de maduixes/Strawberry soup by Mercè of Cuina per a llaminers, California with Canon Rebel XT1i

{ Lovely styling, great lighting, nice execution }

Edibility, Originality, and Aesthetics Category Winners :: These are the winning photographs from each category – edibility, originality, and aesthetics.

DMBLGIT winners_Edibility

Chocolate cake with espresso buttercream by Jasenka of Sweet Corner, The Netherlands with Canon D450 EOS

{ Mouth-watering, highly edible }

DMBLGIT winners_Originality

4 Chiles by Kris of Bake in Paris, Thailand with Canon Eos 1000D

{ Interesting and unique styling }

DMBLGIT winners_Aesthetics

Orange Tian with Spun Toffee by Asha of Fork-Spoon-Knife, New York with Nikon D5000, 18-55 lens

{ Simple but effective composition }

DMBLGIT winners_Host

Orange Crepes with Dark Chocolate Ganache by Sandra of Le Petrin, France with Canon 350D

{ Beautiful lighting, great texture of the subject }