As I get older, I am accepting my memory is deteriorating.

Well, at least I think it is.

When recollections of my childhood are patchy, I can exhaust a number of frustrated hours trying to piece together rough detail in my mind.  In the process, I am sure I create memories based on what seems most logical.

I was struggling to remember the most common breakfast spreads that formed my childhood pantry.  I blanked.  Was Vegemite a staple in the pantry when I was little?  Not sure.  I remember the odd jar of English marmite finding its way in there, but not the all-Australian yeast extract version.  I remember conserves and jams, but not the specific flavours that were favourites.  I probably could confidently say there was no peanut butter in the pantry when I a child.  But what about honey?  Not sure.

Fortunately, even with this doubt, I do remember two items.  Two items that seemed to always be in the pantry.  A hefty jar of orange marmalade and the distinctive green tin of Lyle’s golden syrup.

Well, at least I think there was.

Perhaps again I have created this memory, and if so it is quite a delicious fortune, for it is the impetus behind this dish for ‘British Desserts’ month.  Marmalade and golden syrup steamed puddings.

I have to admit that the sound of a steamed pudding sounds insipid and bland, but a British steamed pudding is anything but.  The sweet, steamed pudding descends from the traditional boiled pudding – a favourite at Christmas time.  The basic steamed pudding recipe is easy to play around with.  Typically you use one part fat, one part sugar and two parts flour.  (Puddings traditionally included suet as the fat component and partial breadcrumbs as a flour substitute, too.)

It is one of the most simple and comforting desserts to make.

{ Marmalade & golden syrup steamed puddings } Original recipe by Julia @ Mélanger

This syrup-soaked pudding is made richer when served with a creamy vanilla custard.

* Ingredients *
90 g or 3/4 stick unsalted butter
90 g or  1/2 cup less 2 teaspoons caster sugar
2 eggs
180g or 1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
2 tablespoons orange juice
1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
3 tablespoons marmalade
2 tablespoons golden syrup

* Directions *
Grease 4 x 200 ml (6.8 fl oz) pudding moulds.  Drop 1 teaspoon of marmalade into the base of each mould, and then cover with ½ tablespoon of golden syrup.  Set aside.  Mix together the butter and sugar until pale, and then add the eggs.  Add in the remaining marmalade and mix until combined.  Then gently fold in the flour and baking power.  Add enough orange juice to produce a dropping consistency similar to a pound cake.  Divide mixture up evenly between the pudding moulds.  Cover each pudding mould with non stick baking paper, pleating around the edges if preferred, or simply securing with kitchen twine.  Using a saucepan/steamer insert combination, steam for 45 minutes over a low heat.  To check the pudding has cooked, remove the cover and gently press the pudding to check it is firm.  Allow to cool for 15 minutes in the moulds, then turn out and serve with custard.

Makes 4 individual puddings