Next month, baby Mélanger is due to arrive and join the Mélanger household.  Thus far, my pregnancy has been mostly agreeable (touch wood that continues), …. except for one little minor grumble.

Food restrictions.

Being the risk averse person I am, I have taken on the task of eliminating any potential food or beverage nasty with force.  Not just some of the time, but 100% of the time.

Mr Mélanger has been handed the essential role of food reintroduction facilitator.  I have created a detailed day-by-day menu outlining specific foods that I impatiently want to consume, yet again.  (Probably no surprises what graces that list.)  And so during the first four to five days after delivery of bub while I am still in hospital, I hope to be reacquainted with some of my old favourites.

I am lucky not to have any allergies to food, nor (as far as I am aware) any food intolerances.  But many people face permanent food restrictions in their life.  Each and every single day.

So this month is my way of learning more about allergy free baking.  My way of increasing the awareness of allergy restrictions (for myself and others), and to challenge myself to bake with some new ingredients and food substitutions.

And although I cannot compare nine short months of food restrictions with a life threatening allergy, I must say that my pregnancy experience has given me a greater appreciation of what people with allergies and face every day.

So join me as a I venture into very unfamiliar allergy free baking territory!