What a baking journey this has been!

This month I ventured into (very!) unfamiliar baking territory and discovered egg free, dairy free, gluten free, and nut free ingredients and recipes.

Wheat flour was replaced with potato flour, soya flour, tapoica flour, rice flour.  Butter was replaced by vegetable/canola oils, dairy free spreads or vegetable shortening.  Egg was replaced by a heated flour/water thickening technique.

I have not even scratch the surface of all the possibilities, but I am glad I have challenged myself to bake with some new ingredients and food substitutions.  To give myself a greater appreciation of what people with allergies face every day.

Thank you to everyone that also trialed some of these recipes – appears as though the Dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free oat crunch biscuits (aka ‘Arnotts Kingstons’) were not just a hit in my household!  (Hint, hint….)

Big thank you as well for some of the other great ingredient substitution and technique ideas.  I am blown away by the wealth of ‘allergy-free’ knowledge out there.  It really is such a specialised area of baking.

Here is a round up of the recipes I tackled this month, plus a few from the archives that are more allergy-free by way of omission rather than substitution.

{ Dairy-free, egg-free brownies } This recipe highlights dairy-free and egg-free baking techniques. These brownies are sweet, rich, and chocolately.  They are moist in the centre and have a lovely crusty surface.  And best of all, they are a snap to bake.  5 minutes preparation and 25 minutes baking.  Simple. { Read more here … }

{ Gluten-free, dairy-free fig jam tarts } This recipe highlights a favourite of mine.  Pastry.  Just a simple tart pastry.  I adapted a previously used pastry recipe and switched out regular flour for a gluten-free flour mix, and used vegetable shortening to replace butter. The pastry seemed to work but warning … it is much more fragile than regular wheat pastry.  { Read more here … }

{ Dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free oat crunch biscuits } You must bake a batch (or two!) of these biscuits. For me, these biscuits are an example of how you do not have to sacrifice taste, flavour and texture, to accommodate an allergy.  If you have not already, I hope you bake some for yourself, very soon!  { Read more here … }

{ Gluten-free, dairy-free orange almond cake } If you are a fan of the rich, intense flavour of orange marmalade you should try this cake.  There is no hiding the essence of the core ingredient here.  It is bold and concentrated.  The cake is very moist and a delicate slice (or two) is delicious served with a coffee or tea for a bit of an afternoon pick me up.  { Read more here … }

{ Chocolate Chunk Coconut Macaroons } Gluten-free and dairy-free.  These little hay-stacked cookies are a simple little biscuit perfect for a sweet indulgence any time of day.  They are simple and quick to make.  The perfect allergy-free Petits fours to whip up at a moment’s notice.  { Read more here … }

{ Calisson d’Aix}  Gluten-free and dairy-free.  Calisson d’Aix is a speciality of Aix-en-Provence.  A tiny diamond shaped sweet, made with ground almonds and candied fruits and finished with white royal icing.  They are traditionally served with coffee after dessert.  A lovely little treat. { Read more here … }

Chocolate chestnut cake small{ Chocolate chestnut cake } Gluten-free.  This cake is dense and rich, but not too sweet. More appropriately a dessert cake rather than afternoon tea cake. But in saying that, it certainly it is quick to prepare and bake.  Recommend serving a healthy dollop (or two!) of thick cream.  { Read more here … }

Triple chocolate macarons small

{ Triple Chocolate Macarons } Gluten-free.  Chocolate is my ultimate weakness in the world.  Thus, in honour of the chocolate macaron, I create a triple chocolate macaron treat.  A chocolate macaron shell, filled with a bittersweet chocolate ganache, and a healthy dusting of cocoa to finish.  { Read more here … }