Have you guessed yet that I love macarons?  They have been a small obsession for a few years now.

So from the idea of celebrating the ’12 days of Christmas’ with holiday inspired macarons, to the selection of flavours (borrowing ideas from traditional Christmas desserts, cookies and breads), to the festive and quirky photographs, it has been a joy to share these creations with you.

Here is a re-cap of my seasonal inspired holiday macarons.  I hope you enjoyed the series and discovered a few new tastes and flavours from around the world.

Day 1 :: White Christmas macarons
Day 2 :: Pfeffernussen macarons
Day 3 :: Candy cane macarons
Day 4 :: Coconut praline macarons
Day 5 :: Rugelach macarons
Day 6 :: Maple date macarons
Day 7 :: Melomakarona macarons
Day 8 :: Cucidati macarons
Day 9 :: Eggnog macarons
Day 10 :: Cranberry macarons
Day 11 :: Chestnut macarons
Day 12 :: Joululimppu macarons