The instant I clapped eyes on the celadon green coloured store front, there was no question I was in Paris.  It was undeniably stylish, tasteful and very French.

I am talking, about Ladurée, bien sûr!

It is no secret I am a fan of this celebrated patisserie.  Of the elegant treats ranging from macarons to cakes and pastries.  Of the handsome presentation boxes that adorn the counter space and shelves on the walls.  Of its certain je ne sais quoi that you cannot deny.

So for me, it was one of the most anticipated cookbook releases … ever.

Until then, all their delectable sweet secrets were only available in French.  Now, for the first time, the precious tome had been fully translated into English.  I could not hide my excitement that an English edition of the Ladurée Sucre cookbook was to be released.

My French is limited to only a handful of words, so any attempt to eagerly bake from the original edition would have been fraught with much frustration.  So a big special thanks to Kerrin Rousset (author of one of my favourite food and travel websites, MyKugelhopf), for being the bilingual talent behind the translation.

Ladurée in Paris may be 10,000 miles away from where I sit here in Brisbane, but this precious collection of sweet recipes is now never far from reach.

As way of personal gratitude to Kerrin, I will kick off this new theme showcasing the Kugelhopf recipe.  The choice seems to perfect for words, no?!  And for the other sweet assortments to then be featured?  Well, you will just have to tune in to find out what I select!

I have never showcased a theme of recipes directly from one cookbook before.  But, for me, this is not just any old cookbook. This is special….This is Ladurée.