Okay, sure, all right.  I know this theme has showcased only a very small sampling of recipes from the Ladurée Sucre cookbook, but hopefully as you have all since rushed out to claim a precious copy of your very own, you are continuing your own sampling at home?

I do have to admit, as much as I adore all things Ladurée (and oh how I do!), my baking enjoyment comes from being somewhat more fluid in the kitchen.  Being a little experimental – and not being worried if my plans do not always come of.  I find it harder to follow a selection of recipes strictly from one book.  Hmmmm, not sure what that says about me?

In saying that though, my very-greatly-loved-copy of this cookbook sits with a sticky note on practically every second page.  So needless to say this sweet Ladurée journey will certainly not be my last.  Those sticky notes will be tackled, all in good time.  But just not all at once.

Until then, here is a round up of my small, but well loved selection of adapted recipes from the Ladurée Sucre cookbook.


{ Ladurée :: Orange flower & almond kugelhopf } I had high expectations of this recipe (and every recipe in this treasure of a book, in fact), but my expectations were blown away.  This kugelhopf recipe is simply superb.  But I am not surprised.  It is Ladurée, after all, no?  { Read more here … }


{ Ladurée :: Hot chocolate & vanilla marshmallows } When there is a chill in the air, is there really anything more comforting that nursing a mug of warm chocolate (really should be called chocolate sauce), and some bitesized cubes of homemade vanilla marshmallow.  I think not!  { Read more here … }


{ Ladurée :: Hazelnut and chocolate macarons } These Ladurée inspired macarons were sensational.  Every element exaggerated.  The shell was excessively delicate and fragile and gave away to a thick and beautifully chewy centre.  This flavour is not in the Ladurée book but is a tribute to one of my favourite things in life.  Nutella.  { Read more here … }


{ Ladurée :: Brandy rice pudding } Sultanas have been soaked in brandy to add a depth of flavour to this simple rice pudding.  With or without the brandy addition, the pudding is very rich — hence the small serving size.  As such, it seems such a delicate dessert, even though it is a very straightforward recipe.  { Read more here … }