Picking up baby Mélanger from her first day of child care, a carer gave me a run down of how she managed (without me!) during the day.  At the end she remarked, “She is quite an inquisitive baby.”

All babies are inquisitive, I am sure, as they have so much to learn about the world.  But baby Mélanger’s daily discoveries reminded me of my own curiosity in life.

For some time now, I have been nagging myself to explore a selection of never-before-been-used ingredients, test out new taste combinations, and experiment with different recipe techniques and methods.

In particular, inspired by Asian flavours.

Sure, I can soak up some detail in a well thumbed food magazine, flick through a cookbook, or read up on some great food blogs as a substitute.  But for me, there is nothing quite like trying something yourself.

Besides, you get to eat the goodies at the end!

So for this month, I hope you enjoy my Asian inspired assortment.  For many of you, the flavours and style will be very familiar – I would love your feedback if that is the case – but if you are like me, hopefully you will also discover something new!