It seems like only yesterday I announced, “It’s a girl!”  Believe it or not, this month, baby Mélanger celebrates her first birthday.  My little baby girl turns one!

But what is a birthday, without a birthday cake?  Formulating the flavour, shape and style of her very first cake has been a preoccupation over the recent months (yes, of course I started thinking about this early).  But while doing so, I became giddy with excitement at the realisation of all the many cakes, cookies, sweets and pastries in my birthday party organising future.

This birthday will be very low key, but there will be many celebrations over the years.  To mark the occasion of reaching our first year as a family, and baby Mélanger’s great milestones of turning one, join me in ‘Kids Party’ month.

I hope to experiment with a few pink themed ideas that are sure to show up in future birthday celebrations.  I hope you enjoy this month!