I cannot believe baby Mélanger is now officially O-N-E.

It has been a big year, and so much to look forward to in years to come — the many cakes, cookies, sweets and pastries in my birthday party organising future!

Although this birthday was a simple celebration for three, I wanted to experiment with a few pink themed ideas that are sure to show up in future birthday celebrations.

So, I hope you enjoyed the little selection showcased for this current theme, ‘Kids Party’ month.

Next month, I hope you agree the choices will really kick start your day!  But until then, here is a round up of this month’s goodies.

  { ‘Coconut ice’ doughnuts } Coconut ice is popular at birthday parties, so I decided to put a spin on an old favourite to create a coconut ice flavoured doughnut.  Essentially, a condensed milk based sweet bread dough, topped with sweet icing and coconut.  Pretty delicious in my book!   { Read more here … }

  { Turkish Delight, Marshmallow and Pâte de Fruit } I could almost guarantee that every kids party I attended as a child included a mix of lollies.  So summoning up a little nostalgia for my next installment, I include a selection of homemade lollies.  These are some of my ultimate sugar ladened sweets.  { Read more here … }

  { ‘Hundreds and Thousands’ cookies } This recipe uses a basic sugar cookie dough.  Once the dough is chilled it can be cut into any desired shape.  The topping is a simple (coloured) royal icing, but made with pasturised egg white powder as opposed to the traditional fresh egg whites.  A healthy dose of playful hundreds and thousands (nonpariels) finish them off.  { Read more here … }

  { Mini marble bundt cake } This four cup cake is very small, and would be perfect for a small afternoon tea, or other intimate celebration.  The sour cream adds a lovely tang to the cake (particularly when combined with the chocolate), and overall it is a very light and fluffy cake.  Very easy to eat!  { Read more here … }

  { Fig and raspberry hazelnut cake } A play on a Dorie Greenspan favourite.  This little fig cake is injected with ground hazelnuts, and the figs were matched with a handful of raspberries. The overall result was a very easy to make, moist and flavoursome cake that is perfect not only for autumn, but any day of the year really.  { Read more here … }

{ Strawberry Ice Cream with Lemon Coconut Macaroons } This is a refreshing ice cream with the addition of the sweet fruit of the strawberry.  I wanted to pair this with a little zesty biscuit and it was quite some time until I thought of the simple coconut macaroon.  A little grating of lemon rind cuts some of the sweetness and is a nice little tasty treat with the ice cream. { Read more here … }

{ Almond Berry Slice } This little nutty fruity sweet was the very first thing I baked after bringing Nina home from the hospital.  Chosen for its speed of assembly (only minutes to prepare!), and simplicity of ingredients.  There is nothing fancy or chic about this humble slice but it sure is wholesome and soul feeding – particularly knowing it is very likely to grace the lunchbox my baby daughter in years to come.  { Read more here … }

{ Cherry Macarons } Some kirsch soaked cherries and a heaping of ultra rich chocolate praline mousse fill these macarons shells.  The result?  The nuttiness of the rich chocolate praline mouse paired wonderfully with the almond based macaron shell.  The overall flavour rounded out by the juicy cherries.  An accidental combination, but a delicious outcome.  { Read more here … }

{ Linzer cookies } Savour the flavours of Christmas in one bite?  A light, buttery hazelnut pastry weaved with cinnamon, cloves, and lemon, then sandwiched together with raspberry jam?  This spicy cookie includes all the essential ingredients for Christmas.  And with a healthy sprinkling of confectioners sugar to finish, certainly look the part! { Read more here … }

{ Treacle Jumbles } These happy coloured biscuits are really easy to make.  They are egg free and only use the smallest amounts of butter.  The subtle spicy dough is a delight!  And I think they are adorable with the bright coloured icing.  Perfect for little sweet yums at a kid’s party?  Right next to the fairy bread!  { Read more here … }

{ Strawberry sorbet with vanilla tuiles } Little tuiles are the perfect accompaniment to sherbet, ice cream and fruit desserts.  In this case, Philippe Rochat recipe for my Strawberry Sorbet.  Philippe Rochat is famous for his sorbet, and the emphasis on this recipe is high quality, sweet strawberries.  The strawberries provide the beautifully sweet taste, not mountains of sugar.  { Read more here … }

{ Rose macarons with raspberry cream } These blushing delights are the ideal sweet solution for any baby shower, wedding, special occasion, or simply as an afternoon treat!  The bold pink colour is paid off with a mouthwatering raspberry white chocolate ganache centre.  { Read more here … }

{ Raspberry lemon frangipane slice } The sweet bread dough base is much lighter than its tart dough or biscuit base counterparts, making it a more delicate sweet indulgence.  The flavours of raspberry and lemon are a classic.  The subtle almond flavoured frangipane helps retains a level of richness and moistness.  The arrangement altogether, is one very easy to eat treat.   { Read more here … }

{ Raspberry cream cookies } Sometimes I get the urge to bake something simple.  Mostly because I really want to bake but do not have the time for something overly elaborate.  I think these homemade cookies fall into that category.  They are lovely and simple, but not too complicated.  { Read more here … }