Life sure gets busy. And when it does, you want to make the most of every spare moment.

Now I am back at work, full time, the spare hours and minutes on the weekend are precious.  Sure, the weekend is packed to the gills with chores and errands, but you need to grab a little time as a family when you can.

Family time is so important.

I was inspired by a friend’s tweet a couple of month’s back.  She was talking about a weekly breakfast ritual she shares with her husband.  Instantly, I wanted in on the idea.  How great would it be to create your own food tradition?

I responded similarly to the tweet, but only for my friend to then encouragingly reply, “So, why not start this weekend?”

I smiled and thought, “Touché!”

Now, I am not a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of girl.  If I am going to make a decision about a breakfast dish, one that will grace the Mélanger kitchen table week after week in a new family tradition, I need to make sure the right dish is selected.  That requires some experimentation!

So this month’s theme is inspired by my friend, that thought provoking tweet, and the comforting thought of creating a new food tradition for my family.

I hope you enjoy the dishes that are up for consideration.