The cookie jar has certainly been filled to the brim with buttery, sugary treats this month.

Slice and bake shortbread filled with fruit and nuts and flavoured with the scent of rosemary.  Quick and simple shortbread bars with a creamy custard flavour.  Gluten free inspired shortbread with some punchy zesty tang.  And lastly, a healthier shortbread option packed with oats and wholemeal flour.

These cookies have been shared with friends, family, and also enjoyed as a quick little treat.  And although technically the entire round up may not be classified as shortbread, as such, they could all certainly be labelled as delicious!

Are you planning on making shortbread this holiday season?  What is your flavour inspiration for your selection?

Next month, I will be tackling some new Christmas food traditions for the Mélanger family.  Stay tuned….

In the meantime, here is the round up of the month.  I hope you enjoyed it!

{ Rosemary, apricot and almond shortbread }  The sugar and fresh rosemary from the garden was processed to incorporate the flavour without the texture.  With the crunch from the almonds, as well as the additional sweetness from the apricots, this little rosemary flavoured cookie turned out to be delicious experiment.  { Read more here … }



  { Melt ‘n’ mix custard shortbread }  The original recipe for this quick and easy shortbread calls for cornflour where I have used custard powder.  I had the idea of using custard powder after making an apple pie recipe from Ben O’Donoghue (actually his Gran’s recipe) using custard powder in the pastry.  It produces such a delicious, creamy flavour.  { Read more here … }


 { Gluten-free citrus currant shortbread } Working with gluten free flour, I was a little nervous that the dough would be difficult, but on the contrary, it was a breeze to work with.  All in all, it came together very quickly.  Taste wise, these little shortbreads were deliciously buttery, soft and crumbly.  And of course, bursting with the tang of citrus and currants!  { Read more here … }


  { Oat & wholemeal shortbread bars }  In this little cookie that can be enjoyed with perhaps a little less guilt, plain, white flour has been replaced with a combination of wholemeal (whole wheat) flour and rolled oats.  The quantity of sugar has been squeezed down to an almost modest amount. And although the butter component is still relatively high (it is shortbread, after all!), an egg has been added to boost protein.  { Read more here … }