Maui Hawaii Local Food To Try On Vacation

Are you planning a trip to Maui Hawaii? Then you’ll want to make sure you get a taste of the local food!

There are lots of delicious dishes to try, like poke bowls, lomi lomi salmon, poi, and kalua pork. You can also sample Hawaiian fried rice and tropical fruits like pineapple and papaya.

And don’t forget loco moco – it’s one of the island’s most popular dishes!

With these tasty treats on your plate, your vacation in Maui will be truly special.

Poke Bowls

With its vibrant ingredients and flavors, a poke bowl is a perfect way to tantalize your taste buds while on your getaway in Maui, Hawaii. Poke bowls are especially popular on the islands due to the fresh seafood available.

Raw fish such as tuna, salmon or octopus is diced into cubes and mixed with various seasonings like soy sauce or sesame oil for added flavor. The mixture of these ingredients can be served over white rice, brown rice or lettuce for a heartier meal. Additional toppings such as seaweed salad, avocado slices, and furikake provide an extra level of deliciousness to this dish.

When it comes to local eateries that serve poke bowls in Maui, there are many options from which to choose. One of the most well-known places is Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice & Poké Bowls in Lahaina. Here customers can enjoy classic poké combinations like spicy tuna and shoyu salmon as well as more creative pairings like wasabi krab and teriyaki tofu.

All bowls come with fresh vegetables including edamame beans, green onion and cucumber slices making them both healthy and tasty! Another great spot for poke bowls is Mana Foods located in Paia Town on the north shore of Maui Island. Mana Foods has been serving up made-to-order poke bowls since 1982 featuring traditional recipes that have been passed down through generations of locals living nearby.

With their wide selection of sauces ranging from sweet chili garlic sauce to wasabi mayo there’s something here for everyone’s palate preference! If you’re looking for an authentic Hawaiian experience while visiting Maui then sampling some of the island’s delicious poke bowls should definitely be at the top of your list!

You’ll find plenty of restaurants offering variations on this classic dish so you can explore all sorts of unique flavors without having to break the bank. No matter where you go, one thing remains certain: you won’t be disappointed by the mouthwatering tastes that await!

Lomi Lomi Salmon

You’ll love the Lomi Lomi Salmon – it’s a must-have on your trip! This traditional Hawaiian dish consists of salmon that’s cured with salt, pepper, and other spices. The fish is then diced into small cubes and mixed with tomatoes, onions, and herbs. It’s usually served cold as part of a larger meal or platter.

The flavor combination is unique and delicious – sweet yet savory. Plus, it’s light enough to enjoy in the tropical heat of Maui! The best place to try Lomi Lomi Salmon is at a local luau or outdoor gathering. Here you can sample this classic dish alongside other Hawaiian favorites like poi (taro root) or kalua pig (roasted pork).

And don’t forget about the haupia (coconut pudding) for dessert! If you’re looking for an authentic experience without leaving your resort property, many hotels offer luau events that include this delightful dish. It’s easy to make your own version of Lomi Lomi Salmon too!

All you need are some fresh ingredients from the local market – like wild-caught salmon fillets, diced tomatoes, green onions, garlic cloves, lemon juice, sea salt, and freshly ground black pepper. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and let marinate overnight before serving chilled on its own or with rice. If you want to explore the flavors of Maui while on vacation, there’s no better way than trying out some local specialties like Lomi Lomi Salmon.

As soon as you take your first bite, you’ll be hooked – it’s one of those dishes that will have you craving more every time!


Poi is a must-have for experiencing the unique flavors of the islands – it’s sweet and starchy, perfect for pairing with other dishes! Poi is made from taro root, which is pounded or blended into a thick paste. It can be served either fresh or fermented.

The consistency of poi varies depending on how much water is added to the mixture. Its flavor ranges from mildly sweet to sour; one popular way to eat poi is in combination with salty lomi salmon.

Poi has been part of Hawaiian culture since ancient times and was traditionally eaten at feasts as a symbol of abundance and shared prosperity. Today, it continues to be an important part of Hawaiian cuisine and can be found in many supermarkets throughout Hawaii as well as online stores that ship fresh poi worldwide.

It also plays an important role in Hawaiian culture by being used in ceremonies such as hula performances or luaus, where dancers use poi balls as props.

In addition to its cultural importance, poi has numerous health benefits due its high nutrient content including vitamin C, dietary fiber, and iron. Studies have also shown that taro root contains anti-inflammatory compounds that may help reduce inflammation associated with certain diseases like asthma and diabetes.

Furthermore, consuming fermented foods like poi helps improve gut health by introducing beneficial bacteria into your system.

Eating poi can be a wonderful way to experience the flavors of Maui while gaining all its nutritional benefits! Whether you buy it pre-made from a store or make it yourself at home using freshly harvested taro root, this traditional dish will give you a taste of true Hawaiian cuisine!

Shave ice

Shave ice is more than just a dessert; it’s a sensory experience. Picture the finest snowflakes fluttering down from the sky, each one light as a whisper, delicate and fleeting. That’s the ice – except instead of falling from the heavens, it’s shaved from a large block right in front of you. It’s heaped onto a cup, a gentle mountain of frozen fluff, waiting for its inevitable metamorphosis.

Then comes the syrup. It’s a waterfall of color, cascading over the ice, sinking into its snowy crevices. A kaleidoscope of flavors dances before your eyes – vibrant cherry, bold blue raspberry, and exotic coconut, each bottle promising a unique burst of flavor. As the syrup meets ice, it creates a myriad of tiny frozen rivers, the color seeping and blending together in a mesmerizing pattern.

Your first spoonful is akin to biting into a cloud, the ice gently yielding beneath your teeth. The flavors leap onto your tongue – a sweet symphony playing out in your mouth. Each spoonful is a wave of cool refreshment, the icy sweetness melting on your tongue, leaving behind the tantalizing flavors of summer. As the tropical taste profile unfurls on your palate, you’re not just enjoying a dessert – you’re on a one-way flavor trip to the sandy, sun-drenched beaches of Hawaii. Try stopping at Beach Street Maui for the best shave ice in Maui.

Kalua Pork

Savor the succulent flavors of Kalua Pork, a traditional Hawaiian dish that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds! Slow cooked in an underground oven called an ‘imu’, this savory pork is one of the oldest and most beloved dishes on Maui.

The pork is rubbed with sea salt and slow roasted for hours over hot rocks, resulting in juicy, flavorful meat that’s tender enough to pull apart with your fingers. Kalua Pork is often served in lau lau or alongside other local favorites like poi and poke.

The secret to creating perfect Kalua Pork lies in the seasoning and roasting process. Each family has their own special recipe they’ve passed down through the generations – some use island herbs like kukui nut oil or coconut milk, while others add different spices depending on personal preference.

No matter which recipe you choose, you can be sure it will be deliciously smoky and perfectly cooked every time!

As much as locals love to enjoy their favorite meal at home, there are plenty of places around Maui where visitors can also find delicious Kalua Pork dishes. From upscale restaurants serving creative takes on classic recipes to roadside stands offering traditional plates — no matter what type of experience you’re looking for, there’s something for everyone here!

Whether you’re visiting Maui for a vacation or just want to try something new at home, don’t forget to give Kalua Pork a try — its unique flavor is sure to leave a lasting impression!

Hawaiian Fried Rice

For a delicious and unique twist on fried rice, you’ll love Hawaiian Fried Rice! It’s a classic comfort food with a tropical twist that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds.

This dish combines the familiar flavors of fried rice with some fresh island ingredients like pineapple, bacon, and green onions. The combination of sweet and savory is truly something special that you won’t want to miss out on.

The key to making Hawaiian Fried Rice is using freshly cooked white or brown rice. You can also use leftover steamed or boiled rice if needed. Once the rice has been cooked, it’s time to get creative! Feel free to add in whatever ingredients you’d like – from ham and carrots to bell peppers and mushrooms – the possibilities are endless!

Once everything has been added in, fry up some bacon until crispy before adding in all the other ingredients for an added layer of flavor. Once everything is cooked through, remove from heat and stir in some freshly chopped green onions for a touch of brightness.

Serve your Hawaiian Fried Rice while still hot with a side of macaroni salad for an authentically delicious meal that will transport you straight to paradise!

Hawaiian Fried Rice is a great way to enjoy local cuisine while vacationing on Maui. It’s easy-to-make yet incredibly flavorful – so don’t forget this tasty dish during your travels!

Tropical Fruits

Moving from the savory Hawaiian Fried Rice to something sweet, let’s explore some of the most popular tropical fruits found on Maui.

There’s no shortage of delicious and juicy fruit that you can enjoy during your vacation in this idyllic paradise. You’ll be amazed at the sheer variety of delectable treats that await you!

Maui’s warm climate provides an ideal setting for a plethora of exotic fruits to grow and thrive, making it one of the best places to sample them. From succulent mangoes and lychee to sweet strawberries and pineapples, there’s something for everyone when it comes to these tropical delights!

Not only are they incredibly tasty but they’re also packed with important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can help keep your body healthy throughout your trip.

The best way to sample all the different types of Maui’s tropical fruits is by visiting one of its many farmers markets or roadside stands. Here you can purchase locally grown produce directly from local farmers who know exactly what goes into growing their crops. The added benefit here is that you’ll get fresh produce at much cheaper prices than what you’d find in supermarkets or other stores.

No matter where you buy your tropical fruits from, make sure that you try some before heading home – because nothing says “I Love Hawaii” more than enjoying its unique flavors! These luscious treats will definitely satisfy your taste buds and leave a lasting impression on your Hawaiian vacation experience!

Loco Moco

A staple of Hawaiian cuisine, the Loco Moco is a delicious and comforting dish that is sure to tantalize your taste buds with its unique blend of flavors.

The traditional version consists of white rice topped with a hamburger patty, fried egg, and brown gravy. Variations on the classic recipe include substituting Spam for the hamburger patty or adding cheese or mushrooms to the dish.

For an extra kick, some locals add Portuguese sausage or chili pepper water to spice up the flavor. No matter how you prepare it, this dish is sure to be a hit!

To create an authentic experience while in Maui, visit one of the many restaurants that serve Loco Moco as part of their menu. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try making it yourself?

Start by cooking up some white rice in a pot and then fry up your choice of proteins such as beef patties, Spam slices, or Portuguese sausage. Top it off with sunny-side-up eggs and rich brown gravy for an unforgettable meal!

Loco Moco is easy to make yet surprisingly flavorful – perfect for any occasion from breakfast to late night snacks! Plus, its affordable price makes it accessible for all budgets whether traveling solo or with friends.

If you’re looking for something different during your stay in Maui that’s both delicious and convenient then look no further than this delightful Hawaiian classic! This savory dish offers something special every time you take a bite so don’t miss out – treat yourself to some mouthwatering Loco Moco today!


You can’t go wrong with any of the local food in Maui, Hawaii.

From poke bowls to poi and lomi lomi salmon, each dish is sure to delight your taste buds.

And don’t forget about kalua pork, Hawaiian fried rice, tropical fruits and loco moco!

All these dishes are sure to make your vacation an unforgettable experience. So be sure to try them while you’re there – you won’t regret it!

Bon Appetit!